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Soliloquizing like you would not believe
4:14 am
13th-Dec-2009 12:13 am(no subject)
What was really awesome was how I had a huge viral infection on my poor little laptop on Thanksgiving day (when the only tech people available are in India) and in the process of removing the virus and restoring my hard drive back up I lost both my NaNoWriMo novel and my notes for my term paper, and didn't even notice until a week later.
8th-Nov-2009 12:03 pm(no subject)
trek - starship enterpoop

Best friend #1 fails to show up for my birthday party, fails to call me to tell me she won't be showing up, fails to ever inform why she didn't show up, never gives me any gift, never even buys me a drink. Best friend #2 buys me some drinks - okay, fine. All I really wanted was to hang out with my friends anyway.

Now it is best friend #2's birthday, and best friend #1 hands over a $200 present to best friend #2 right in front of me (her excuse for handing it over early was that she didn't want to show up other people at the party by having the most expensive gift, but if so why didn't she do it in private?), and solemnly vows to show up for the dinner party tonight.

So, I'm allowed to be a little bitter, right?
6th-Nov-2009 09:53 pm(no subject)
In case anyone should wonder why I'm failing all my classes and not speaking to anyone:

10th-Sep-2009 12:30 pm(no subject)

Famous people I touched:
Flannigan! (Have photographic evidence)
Tom Felton! (Have photographic evidence, but I look terrible in it)
Richard Hatch! (No photographic evidence - he just reached over and patted me on the cheek for some reason - sort of condescending but I was also drunk enough to be slightly thrilled)
Someone else! (Have photographic evidence but I don't want to say who yet because I want to surprise someone)

Also, I bought some stuff (including a most excellent hat), and saw some panels (the SGA people are very funny, the BSG people seem to be a bit more professional, though maybe that's just because Mary McDonnell was there. Tom Felton is adorable and kept talking himself into homoerotic corners. "My favorite scene to film was in the bathroom with Harry - oh, that sounds dodgy - with our wands out - oh no it gets worse." And then he mumbled something that ended with 'passionate kiss.'

Anyway, it was all excellent and I got to stand this close to Michael Trucco.
15th-Aug-2009 10:43 pm(no subject)
eureka - i so scared
Have: Debit Card.
Do Not Have: PIN. Thanks.

MAN OH MAN. Okay guys, here's what's up;

Got a job! Start Monday, gotta email my schedule to the lady in charge.

Got a car! Gotta get the tags and title thing sorted out, because the woman I bought it from is... a flake. Also gotta get a parking spot on campus.

Got into the class I need! Awesome.

Got a birthday! Well, on Monday.

Got stress!

So I really want to do the whole medical school thing. I really mean it. BUT, I absolutely do not want to do it right now. Just the thought of it makes me want to barf. So what do I do? Well, Governor Perdue has done this thing that boosts the pay of beginning science teachers in Georgia. I like physics a lot, I wouldn't mind teaching it for five years or so. Definitely not forever: that would completely destroy me. But a few years? Yeah, that sounds great. And some med schools actually cater to people coming from a different profession. So, I think that would be okay.

Problem: despite all the premed classes I've been taking, I am not actually a science major. I am getting a double major in Latin and Classical Culture, both of which are fun, but neither of which I ever intended to actually do anything with ever - the thought of teaching Latin is completely horrible to me. So, I would have to get a third major (or drop one of my majors down to a minor or something) and definitely not graduate in a timely manner. Also, take a ton of science and math classes all at once, which is generally a bad idea. And I have more credits towards a chemistry degree than a physics degree, but Chemistry would also kill me completely dead before I was done, whereas I pretty much enjoy physics.

I don't know what to doooooooooooooo. I haven't even decided anything for sure yet and I'm still freaking out already. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

So I'm going to go do something pleasant now and not think about anything at all.
14th-Jul-2009 06:14 pm(no subject)
tenth doctor - he gets mad sometimes
Last week I saw someone go down our street on a segway. It was weird.

Yesterday, someone stole my debit card number and spent several hundred of my dollars. :D

Everything is absolutely fucking awesome.
20th-May-2009 11:27 pm(no subject)
eureka - i so scared

(That's so great, my Latin text book never showed up. :D)
19th-May-2009 05:36 pm(no subject)
Hi guys! This is an info dump about what I'll be doing this summer – expect it to be posted in several places and emailed around widely.

I will be studying abroad in Rome, Italy, from May 22 to June 29.

I leave from the Atlanta airport on Continental Airlines # 84 on Thursday, May 21, at 11:45 AM.
I'll arrive at Newark at 2:15 PM, and leave on Continental # 40 at 5:20 PM.
I will arrive at Rome FCO the next day at 7:45 AM.

The group van isn't scheduled to arrive until the last person shows up at the airport, so I'll be hanging around terminal C until 1:00 PM or so. Awesome.

On June 29th I will depart on Continental Airlines # 41 at 9:50 AM, hang out in Newark from 1:35 pm until 5:30 PM, when I will take Continental #1155 to Atlanta. I should arrive at 8:45 PM.

While in Rome, I will be staying in the Hotel Ercoli. http://www.hotelercoli.com/en/index.htm

DO NOT MAIL ME ANYTHING IN ITALY. It will take almost a year to arrive, and I am not staying that long.

Do not call, either. It will be ridiculously, ridiculously expensive. I am not kidding. No matter how important it is, it will have to get to me through email or wait until I get home. If it's something really terrible, it might be best not to tell me until I get back.

I will have occasional Internet access, so the best way to communicate with me will be through email. I will only check one email address while I'm there.


Dad, copy that into your address book. Mom, you too.

I will attempt to keep some sort of blog, so that I'm not constantly sending out mass emails every time I get online. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post, but here it is anyway.


Dad, bookmark this. Mom, you too.

The group will be in and around Rome with a few exceptions:
5/28: Tarquinia
6/5-6/7: Campania
6/18: Hadrian's Villa
6/23: Ostia

The itinerary is still tentative, so those dates may change, depending on things like Vesuvius, which I hope will not erupt until I am long out of the country. FYI, an eruption is overdue at this point.

I also have scheduled “weekends” to spend where I see fit, so who knows where I'll be then (I foresee plenty of time spent on the beach).

I can't think of anything else relevant at the moment.
17th-May-2009 05:10 am(no subject)

Trek is pretty goddamn awesome.

and totally better than any star wars film yet made yeah i said it

My issue with The Original Series, though, is that (however much I love the Shatner) every time I watch it I go to a 'Denny Crane' place. That or priceline.

Still, I loved it. Quinto was marvelous. (And that woman he was making out with was weirdly familiar looking.) Whoever it was that was not the Shatner was marvelous. I missed the sitting around tables and discussing things parts, but I guess interesting action sequences are all right.

Aaaand, I installed Maple Story on my net book just to see if I could (I totally can), and even though I haven't played in more than a year, I remembered my login name, password, and pin number! It was pretty sweet. I normally never remember that stuff. But so much stuff is different and the quests are so not what I'm used to that I just decided to start from the beginning again. It'll only take me a couple days to get back up to level twenty again (and I am never playing an archer again jebus that was terrible).

So, fun times.

Except after a couple hours of nonstop playing I fell prey to some sort of error that left me unable to log in, and then when it let me log in, most of my characters had vanished. :\ Hrm.

Some of my texts finally arrived! Which is good, because I need them to study with. Unfortunately one of them is apparently getting shipped to me from the UK (which Abe Books totally failed to tell me before I ordered it - I found out when the shipping confirmation mentioned it was in the Royal Mail :P), so I expect it to show up at my house about two seconds after my plane takes off.
15th-May-2009 12:19 am(no subject)
Bebop - Spike is probably my favorite ev
I sort of forgot how great Cowboy Bebop was. I'm on the episode where Ed appears!

I also forgot how tense it makes me. Even though I know it's only the sixth episode, and Spike survives through twenty six episodes and a movie, I still get super anxious.

Also, I have a great affection for supporting characters in this show. Rocco.

Leaving in six days! My friends had better be prepared for some serious hanging out time before I go. D:
11th-May-2009 02:32 am(no subject)
spn pants nowhere better to be
Oh SH-

It's a bear~! :D

Man, that was a constructive use of the last six hours.
10th-May-2009 08:22 pm(no subject)
james mcavoy
Saturday I did something stupid and decided to purchase a video game.

Instead, I bought seven.

I've been getting cramps in my hands from the nonstop DS playing.


(Come ON stupid professors why haven't you posted my grades yet?)

MAN, some people do not like vague posts:
(in alphabetical order)

  • Final Fantasy III for the DS. The updated artwork and graphics are just so cute!

  • Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS. This game is so much fun. It's also the least infuriating Zelda game I've ever played (I always get to one dungeon and go 'omg I cannot find the boomerang and jellyfish keep paralyzing me I hate this esophagus and the sound effects creep me out I want to quit,' and then I never even get to the temple of time, trufax.)

  • My World My Way for the DS. I have no idea what this game is like, but Atlus made it, and they always produce quality rpgs. So far the back of the box and the manual are hilarious. There is an entire in-game menu for pouting.

  • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja for the PS2. I don't even like fighting games that much, but apparently I am a total narutard, and Gaara was on the front cover and I have a big ridiculous fictional-character-crush on him. (I recently re-watched episodes 1-100 so I could cap them every time he showed up; I now have a folder on my desktop containing 402 pictures of him. Don't even get me started on Zabuza.)

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the DS. I should have gotten this game (and most of the others, really) ages ago, but I am slack and like to save up all my purchases for right after school ends. I loaned it to my friend Katie right off the bat, since I've got plenty of others to keep me happy. :)

  • Puzzle de Harvest Moon for the DS. It's like a gardening-themed bejeweled or something, except the maximum game length is 8 minutes and your fighting 4 AIs for the most vegetables. And they can snag your crops and thwart you with cows. D:

  • The World Ends With You for the DS. This one is actually the only one I meant to buy - because Squeenix made it and I love giving Squeenix my money. :) So far switching back and forth between screens in battle is kind of distracting, but keeps me focused, too.

And the same day (or possibly the day before, I'm not sure, I wasn't home), a package arrive for me!
It contained (not alphabetically)

  • Cowboy Bebop!

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion in its entirety, with the three movies!

  • Yami No Matsuei!

7th-May-2009 12:04 pm(no subject)
Nick has happy coffee too
I haven't slept!

And I've done so much intense writing in the past 24 hours that I have to wear band-aids on my ring finger to keep the pen from rubbing my hand raw, and I've lost sensation in the tip of my middle finger.

And I've got another three-hour nonstop writing exam at 3:30! Man, college is so great for me.

There's also this weird mark on my left wrist. It's like a small purple bruise, but with really red bits - there's pockets of blood under the skin. I haven't bumped it on anything, and it doesn't hurt. I'm a little worried, though, because around 4 AM I smashed something that looked quite a bit like this.

I need caffeine, but if I drink anything I'll probably get sick. :\
6th-May-2009 12:25 am(no subject)
eureka - no zombies, plz

(I need more icons relevant to zombies probably)

I miss my dog.

(if he came back as a zombie I wouldn't complain even a little bit, but stupid mom had him cremated)
2nd-May-2009 10:58 pm(no subject)
sky without limit
So this song came on one of the local radio stations while I was driving home, and I was all like 'omg this is the most beautiful song I've ever heard, fwaaaaa.' And then I got home and looked it up online, and it's by this douche guy I went to high school with who wore his sister's jeans occasionally.

2nd-May-2009 10:33 pm(no subject)
gummi drama
This detergent claims to smell like sunshine, but really it smells like gummy bears.

After the first sniff it's like, 'what, really?' and after the second sniff it's like 'huh.'
30th-Apr-2009 05:47 pm(no subject)
science is sexy
Today I found out what pepper spray feels like.

(It burns real bad, FYI.)
24th-Apr-2009 10:10 pm(no subject)
ckr pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft
Some day I will not be in school and that will be pretty sweet. Unfortunately, education warps time, making everything seem longer than it should. Graduation is like Rip Van Winkle waking up, except in reverse. You emerge from the daze and it's all: 'I'm sure that took ten years, what do you mean it was four? Six years just vanished, are you mad? WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHY AREN'T WE IN THE FUTURE YET, WHERE ARE THE HOVER CARS?'

So, new Georgia legislature: first year science teachers now get payed as fifth year teachers. Interesting.
17th-Apr-2009 12:03 am(no subject)
dr horrible - let me tell you how i feel
Hey lj friends!

If any of you know any good, reasonably Texan citizens, I would be mighty obliged if you could petition them to have Rick Perry charged with treason.

No sir, you cannot secede if you want to. That's not how being part of a nation works.

And seriously, fucking tea parties?
I get angry and use bad words and capsCollapse )
29th-Mar-2009 11:51 pm(no subject)
Man, I had to wipe my goddamn hard drive again (McAfee Internet Security is a misnomer - it should be McAfee Doesn't Do Shit Until It's Too Late and Breaks Your Goddamn Machine in the Process), and once again I remembered to back up every single goddamn file on my machine - over 10,000 of them - except my GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING BOOKMARKS ARGH I AM SO ANGRY MY RESEARCH MATERIALS WERE SAVED IN THERE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

man i want to punch the whole world goddammit and now my throat is sore from all that angry angry screaming
20th-Mar-2009 11:23 pm(no subject)
bsg - Starbuck and Longshot's last suppe
Oh show, I will miss you.
5th-Mar-2009 10:59 pm(no subject)
kyo cowboy porn
The insurance company is coughing up almost 5 grand minus a $250 deductible - astounded, I am simply astounded, but on the other hand Izzie was in pretty goddamn amazing condition. (I think the book price is something like 3.7 k)

My poor, poor Isildur. Your time came much too soon. ;_;

And now I have to go shopping for Isildur's heir. ._. I didn't expect to be doing that so soon.

Midterms! I am like a corpse. At this point I am essentially soldiering through my classical archaeology class so that at the end of the semester I can write the most scathing, critical course review possible. I am already drafting it. If I can get a bunch of other people to all say the same things someone might actually pay attention to the opinions of us students. Ha.

I bought my tickets to Rome today! I change planes in New Jersey and get to spend roughly 5 hours there - both ways. Why is Delta so much more expensive than other companies?
1st-Mar-2009 01:09 pm(no subject)
eureka - i so scared
wtf snow.
28th-Feb-2009 07:58 pm - crunch-smash
ckr pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft
So. I had my first car accident today!

It was awesome.

And by awesome I mean it sucked and I might need a new car and my neck hurts and I am so very, very angry.

My favorite part was when the guy who ran into me drives away as fast as he can in his giant, indestructible truck. That was great.
21st-Feb-2009 01:28 am(no subject)
bsg - starbuck
Show, you should probably not be as important to me as you are.

But I can't help it. It's just so great. ._.

Ellen! Man, I did not used to care about you before, but I do now. You're all some sort of loving creator or something, and also still a petty alcoholic bitch. Awesome.

(Oh Sam.)

I love Hotdog. I'm waiting for him and Chief to move in together for joint parenting duties or something.

I think Gaius' hallucinated #Six is my second favorite (I gotta admit I like Caprica Six a lot a lot): strength comes from within and also guns - big ones. :]

(Oh, Sam's bullet.)

Awe, Sad Cylons are sad. ;_;


Man, 3OH!3 is playing in Atlanta the week before I get back from Rome. Grah.

But I am totally gonna go catch Infected Mushroom again in March. :]

I made my delicious risotto again, and then I ate too much of it and now I feel like some sort of balloon filled with, well, soggy grains and vegetables. And if someone drops me I will explode. :\
14th-Feb-2009 12:06 am(no subject)
bsg - Starbuck and Longshot's last suppe
I am apparently completely overwhelmed by my academics.

So I don't actually do anything else.

Except watch Battlestar Galactica and take notes on it, apparently.

My response to that last couple of episodes can by mostly summed up thus:


I do love him so. ;-;

Why do I not have a Sam icon?
Edit: fixed
1st-Feb-2009 08:13 pm(no subject)
So I found this anime (something about kingdoms and a magical artifact and lots of swords - pretty standard stuff), except once I started watching it... well, I can't tell if it's actually reallyreally gay or not. There are definite hints, okay. By the beginning of the second episode I figured out that at least some of the rampant touchy-feeliness had to be significant. But normally if an anime is gonna go flat-out homosexual they give you some warning - at least they mention it in summaries of the show, or the whole plot is about awkward romance or something. But any time I look it up on any website they mention magical powers and violent politics. SO I'M ACTUALLY NOT SURE, BECAUSE THEY WON'T TELL ME.

There's only been one woman with any lines so far, and all she did was scream and die. I thought there might be hope for a couple female characters, but it turned out that so far if it looks like a woman and it sounds like a woman (and dresses like a woman, and even might appear to have breasts and hips like a woman), it's really a dude.

Edit: Okay, another dude just called a bunch of other dudes 'you sexy men,' so I'm pretty sure it's not just me.

Edit2: Boomerang swords (sworderangs? boomerswords?); almost as awesome as sword-chucks?
30th-Jan-2009 11:03 pm - Previously on Battlestar Galactica
bsg - six
Gaeta is still a bitch. No really, SUCH A BITCH.

Though I completely love how Starbuck is only happy when she's in dire situations, shooting anybody in her way and fucking shit up.

Shit yeah, oldguys kickin' ass and takin' names.

But they can't blow up Tigh! He's going to have a Baby with Number Six! Hotdog can't raise everyone's baby.

Okay, real life: I missed the deadline for my online physics homework by all of nine seconds. Nine seconds. Ugh.

Coming down with something. Updates as the disease progresses!

There is talk of the Superbowl everywhere. Everywhere. The TV is telling me things like shows will be on 'Monday after the Superbowl.' Which would help if I cared enough to actually know when the Superbowl actually was. Leave me alone sports. The SciFi channel hasn't been the same since they brought in the wrestling.

Man my tiny computer is slowly filling up with torrents it makes me so happy.
29th-Jan-2009 12:32 am(no subject)
ckr everything else can wait
Okay, kind of depressed. I miss my dog. :(

So I can't really motivate myself to do anything at all except sit around and read. And I'm reconsidering dropping out of school to spend the rest of my life writing sub par fantasy novels (in which I would always spell Magick with the superfluous k and capital m it deserves). While I'm doing this I would be, of course, running the book store & deli with KJ. I would make sandwiches during the day, read when the shop wasn't busy, and spend my evenings drinking tea and writing novel after terrible novel. I would not be rich, but I would get by. And sometimes, late at night, drinking alone (or with KJ) by candlelight, I would think back and wonder what my life would have been like if I had bothered to graduate from college with the world's most useless degree.

I have a new, tiny laptop (closed it is eight by ten inches and an inch thick) and it has the battery life of the energizer bunny. My other laptop could eat two of it and still have room for a wafer-thin mint afterwords.

School is once again eating my soul. My room is so full of stuff that I can't walk, only leap from place to place, and I just can't be bothered to do anything about it.

I'm going to Rome this summer (barring any unforeseen tragedies), and I would probably be crowing pretty regularly about this, except that Kiersten's not-actually-a-roommate (she just dates someone who pays rent and so stays there and makes messes and doesn't clean them up) is also going on the trip. She is the sort of person who apparently speaks in Latin in front of other people just to show she can. She has been known to get on to mmorpgs (you can probably find her in final fantasy XI) and harass anyone nearby in Latin. Her boyfriend helps. Since she applied for the Rome program, she has apparently shifted part of her focus to constantly talking about Rome, showing off books that she bought about Rome, and making players on FFXI guess where she's going this summer.

Honestly Britshit, the only one who cares about you and your life is you (and also your creepy boyfriend I guess).

The worst thing I EVER did with my major was to talk to Davis' cats in Latin, and then only when nobody was paying attention to me.

I was going to post my notes on BSG last friday, but it was mostly just 'JESUS FUCKING CHRIST SHOW STOP BEING SO BORING AND HORRIBLE' so I didn't. Though Helo was especially well-groomed this episode and I get periodic gigglefits thinking about Chief and Hot Dog raising a kid together. Though I TOTALLY CALLED THAT IT WAS NOT CHIEF'S KID. But everything else about that episode made me want to pull an Elvis and get a new TV for the next episode.

Also, Junjou Romantica has a second season and I didn't notice! This is what happens when your internet access dies for three months. I need torrents.
16th-Jan-2009 11:27 pm(no subject)
Blarg, have not posted in forever. Still not terribly, I dunno, cheerful or anything. College sucks, etc.

BUT! Battlestar Galactica ( I caught the last six hours of the pre-show marathon, too.)

Incoherent Rambling is Go:Collapse )


ded from show
31st-Dec-2008 04:33 pm(no subject)
Things went downhill really fast last night. I thought maybe we'd have a month, at least. He's gone now.
22nd-Dec-2008 10:37 pm(no subject)
dr horrible - this is not what i wanted

Things are still not good, and only going to get worse, really, but I've stopped freaking out and crying all the time.

Though I've gone from being consistently upset to my old, faithful companion, zen-like apathy.

And recently I've been playing a lot of video games. If I don't manage to catch that fish (that glows and came from the moon and should honestly be much easier to see than it is) soon, I may throw a fit.
17th-Dec-2008 11:08 am(no subject)
I can honestly not remember a day that has ever been as shitty as yesterday.

And it was only the precursor for even shittier days to come, of course.

And I still keep periodically freaking out.

Katherine, please call me. I really don't want to explain over the internet.
13th-Dec-2008 10:49 pm(no subject)
my anus is bleeding

i just watched the trailer for the dragon ball movie








(man, on wednesday it was snowing in new orleans and here in georgia it was 70 degrees and raining. i was running around in a t-shirt and flip flops)
25th-Nov-2008 01:16 pm(no subject)
eureka - made of awesome
Man, okay. So one of my friends is a fan of the Twilight books, so she wanted to go see the movie (even though she said it looked like the emo film of the century), and she wanted me to come along because I've dragged her to some really terrible films in the past (which disappointed me too, by the way). She wanted me to read the book first, but I never got around to it.

Anyways, long story short, I enjoyed the hell out of that movie.

Even the parts where characters were standing around clearly going 'ah man, I'm so tortured.' Even that retarded spider monkey line. I didn't even mind all that much that the main actress couldn't keep her mouth closed all the way. Ever. Okay, I minded the sappy soft focus scenes where they just end up staring at each other while the camera rotates around them. Those were unnecessary.
5th-Nov-2008 12:14 am(no subject)
supaman - democracy in action
yeah yeah heck yeah

McCain is a fine human being. His party, running mate, and campaign organizers are not.

heck yeah progress yeah

Democratic President, Senate, and House means that we'll actually accomplish some stuff.

yeah i'm excited yeah
29th-Oct-2008 10:13 pm - I have other stuff to do but...
i believe in harvey dent
One of John McCain's qualifications is that he was a war veteran and a patriot and POW yadda yadda?

Pretty much every American (and, yeah, a ton of the Vietnamese as well) who came out of that war did so strung out and completely fucked up.

I don't actually mind McCain that much (his running mate and party are a very different story), but he got seriously messed up in Vietnam - you can see it especially when he raises his arms up. They did a number on him.

I don't really want someone with PTSD as president. Okay? That's all.

(Yesterday I parked next to a car with 'Captain Hook 2008' written across the back window.)
fastest man alive
Man, if uga got hit by a meteor tomorrow I would not complain (edit: assuming I was off-campus at the time).

I am so incredibly tired of tests and presentations and being a student in general. Mostly because this and next week were composed entirely of hell.


Friday/Saturday: Ill :(
Sunday: Slept :\
Monday: Greek Culture midterm :(
Tuesday: Latin homework assignment due :(
Wednesday: Greek Culture presentation on Sappho, Lab, Physics homework assignment due at midnight :(
Thursday (today!): Latin homework assignment due, Botanical Illustration portfolio review :(
Friday: Physics Exam :(
Weekend: Sleep :)
Monday: Greek Culture test :(
Tuesday: Latin Presentation on Aeneid Book 9, Latin homework assignment due :(
Wednesday: Lab :(
Thursday: Latin Exam :(
Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Alcoholism! :D

There are some absolutely revolting videos on youtube of people with horrible infections showing them off to the internet.
13th-Oct-2008 01:38 pm - also corn is effing delicious
eureka - i so scared
Oh man oh man oh man.

I just got home, and I'm tired because I was up late studying for a midterm.

So I come into the living room and the cat is freaking out and attacking the chair. At first I was just like 'oh, how precious, he's schizophrenic.'

But then there was this, like, skittering noise. AND THERE WAS SOME SORT OF SMALL ANIMAL BETWEEN THE COVER AND THE CHAIR.

I ended up leaving a bunch of messages on my dad's cell phone (and also calling my old roommate and freaking out at her). They were essentially like this:

First, 'please list all possible small creatures that could sneak into my house and what communicable diseases they might have and how to catch them.'

Then (after flipping the chair over and forcefully removing the cat), 'how do you catch lizards and can they get rabies and how hard do they bite?'

And finally, 'disregard previous messages, lizard has been dealt with, do not currently have rabies, freaking out, going to take a nap now.'

Today I learned that if you try to get a lizard to run into a container, it will just fucking jump on you.

btw, for Halloween I am totally carving a satanic, pumpkin-guts-vomiting, crazy-eyed sarah palin-o-lantern. Because there's not much scarier.
james mcavoy
It is cool and windy and raining a metric mofo outside. :D (I have a unique sense of measurements, btw.)

Considering it's been 90 degrees outside since, say, late May, this is nice.

Probably I should own some sort of appropriate footwear for this type of weather, but I always just splash around in flipflops.
7th-Oct-2008 09:27 pm - yucky tomato juice everywhere :[
bork bork bork
OH NO! My tomatoes started to go bad.

I shall quickly cook them with leftover potatoes and cheese.

And then eat all five of them. D:


ps, I finally finished all the dirty dishes today hurrah
6th-Oct-2008 10:48 pm - Gosh I'm tired
ckr pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft
I slept like all day Sunday no lie.

But! My dinner party was a success! Granted, I cooked food for twice as many people as actually showed up, but it was all good food. I was afraid the onion soup would turn out terrible (because, seriously, you turn your back on onions for a whole second and a half and they burn), but it was the most delicious thing in the history of delicious things.

Things I learned:

  • Never have a dinner party when you don't have a functioning dishwasher. Christ on a stick I'm still not even half-way done with all that filth.

  • People who say they will probably show up definitely will not.

  • House guests cannot be trusted to do reasonable things with dirty dishes, and I still keep finding silverware in places I don't expect it.

  • Individual armadillos tend to hang out in the same general areas. They are creatures of habit.

  • I could probably watch Children of Dune over and over again forever and never get bored with it.

  • The smell of onions will stay on your flesh for days.

  • There is absolutely no way that I'll be able to do NaNoWriMo this year.

jackjack aka the younger aka the taller
Burn After Reading was fuuuuuuuun.

Mmm. The Coen brothers are delicious. And I adore J.K. Simmons. :]

Though for the first 20 minutes or so I couldn't stop cringing.

Some people in my Latin class were talking about it, and saying things that they mentioned were kind of spoilers, but then it wasn't anything that they said at all.

So perhaps they are all just terrible at expressing themselves? Or maybe we watched different movies. Or maybe they're all just dumb.

Unrelated: JackJack!
bsg chief is effin' heavy metal
Mom's gone less than 24 hours and one of the cats already barfed. D: So I can't ignore it and wait for someone else to clean it up this time. Maybe I'll call my dad and ask him to do it. Nevermind, that's my back-up plan for large spiders. If I call him too much he'll get annoyed and won't help me when I really need it, though I totally managed to kill this giant spider in the kitchen a couple days ago it was like two and half inches long (with the legs) yeesh. Also, it was brown. My general response to brown spiders is omg brown recluse run away run away. My response to spiders with big abdomens (regardless of color) is omg black widow run away run away.

I used a flyswatter that I found on top of the fridge and I only screamed like three times though I was probably hella loud.

Monday I booted my ipod across the physics auditorium (not on purpose). Fortunately it's fine! I'm really rough on earbuds, though. Today the wires just sort of exposed themselves. Currently they're held together with scotch tape.

Boring school rant hurr:

Checked my syllabus (because I don't have time to do my physics homework this week because I manage my time like I manage my money, which is to say I don't), and my two lowest assignment grades get dropped, thank goodness, so I'm not even going to try to do it in the hour and change that I have to finish it in. Instead, I will play video games (which I haven't done in like a month holy god).

I think my botanical illustration professor may have offered me a job today? That's cool. I'll have to remind her of that so she doesn't forget. It'll pay shit, but, y'know. It's science related, which is fun. Character building!
1st-Oct-2008 07:09 pm - huffpuffhuffpuff
house bluwuh
I am poorly motivated. :D Fuck you, physics and botanical illustration.

Mom's gone to Paris. Which means I'm on litter box duty for the next two weeks. D:

I think I'm kinda sick, and maybe have been since Monday? I was at the gym trying to run (I've already cut like 3.5 minutes off my mile), and I was doing okay at the start, but the last third of it was so bad that I thought I was going to pass out, and I had sharp pains shooting up all around the bottom of my rib cage and down my thighs. Usually I try to stay there for 40 minutes or so, but I barely managed half of that. And yesterday I just felt tired and today I felt kinda yucky.

But I don't know what to do about it besides keep trying. I mean, when I'm not doing much it doesn't bother me.

Then in class yesterday my Latin professor was like 'Hey, I saw you at the gym!' and I was like 'huwha?' and she probably thinks I'm a lazy slob because I could barely walk at the time and I hadn't been doing much. :P

It's an incredibly annoying feeling when you know you should be easily capable of doing something, and for no apparent reason your body won't let you.

I think I'll try to go running with Chef now.
30th-Sep-2008 10:58 pm - ohheywhut
Oh sh- paid account. D:

fuck yeah icons yeah
30th-Sep-2008 07:44 pm - Oh hay, The INTERNET!
butterfly caught - massive attack
I have been RIDICULOUSLY busy recently!

But it's good.

Super-quick recap:

-Classes! Latin is work intensive, physics is fun (got an A on my test omg yay), greeeeeeek culture is very greeeeeeek (I am a roman person, thanxmuch), botanical illustration is sometimes awesome and sometimes made of shit. It's all busybusybusy.
-Future classes! I met with my mentor today! I should now be a latin/classical culture double major! Next semester I am taking classical archeology, Pompeii and Herculaneum and special topics: Death in the ancient world. Should be pretty bitching. Also, gonna study abroad in Rome this summer. Will definitely be very bitching.
-Exercise! I got incredibly unhealthy and started working out to rectify this; I lost eight pounds and some change in the past two weeks or so. And I'm not even starving myself. THRILLED, I AM THRILLED.
-Cooking! Oh man I made risotto this week and it was awesome. I will cook much more this weekend. I'm pretty sure I'm a culinary genius, FYI. My menu for saturday:
*steak au poivre (for people who refuse to eat chicken)
*baked chicken
*potatoes (plain and garlic mashed)
*french onion soup
*tomato salad
*risotto verde (because I know this one will turn out AWESOME)
*some vegetable like green beans maybe or I dunno I thought about Okra
It will be excellent. There's also a cheesecake in the freezer that I may or may not attack.

And... that's about it.
6th-Aug-2008 10:55 pm(no subject)
Okay, while in the process of renting all the SciFi movies in the store, I was not nearly as discerning as I should have been.

This means that I accidentally pick up movies like this:

The Apocalypse
"An epic Christian thriller in the tradition of Left Behind."

There's a giant asteroid in it. It's terrible. In the very first scene a bunch of people (including a scientist, and one guy with long hair) drinking in the woods get killed by meteor bits. One guy gets his head knocked off. Immediately after this the heavenly choir theme music plays.

This movie's got me screaming stuff at the TV like "No! Don't have premarital sex! A meteor will hit you!"
4th-Aug-2008 03:11 pm(no subject)
ckr smoke and humidity sink my teeth in
OHKAY! I have returned to the internet.

Done with o-chem. Not sure how the final went yet. Grades still not up.


At some point this summer, my ps1 memory card with all my Final Fantasy save data on it died for no particular reason. I am now out one memory card, and starting over all my old ps1 games.

I've also recently started working on watching every single movie in Vision Video's SciFi section in vaguely alphabetical order.

Ooh, I had this bizarre dream the other day.Collapse )

The day before yesterday me an' happydappydrunk and koreanninja went to see Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk at the dollar theater and then we went to Outback to eat a blooming onion because I'd never had one and there are two or three instances where Spike talks about them, and even though we didn't even eat a fifth of it, I've felt like an alien is going to burst out of my gut ever since.

Hi internet! What's up with you?
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