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What was really awesome was how I had a huge viral infection on my poor little laptop on Thanksgiving day (when the only tech people available are in India) and in the process of removing the virus and restoring my hard drive back up I lost both my NaNoWriMo novel and my notes for my term paper, and didn't even notice until a week later.
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Best friend #1 fails to show up for my birthday party, fails to call me to tell me she won't be showing up, fails to ever inform why she didn't show up, never gives me any gift, never even buys me a drink. Best friend #2 buys me some drinks - okay, fine. All I really wanted was to hang out with my friends anyway.

Now it is best friend #2's birthday, and best friend #1 hands over a $200 present to best friend #2 right in front of me (her excuse for handing it over early was that she didn't want to show up other people at the party by having the most expensive gift, but if so why didn't she do it in private?), and solemnly vows to show up for the dinner party tonight.

So, I'm allowed to be a little bitter, right?

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Famous people I touched:
Flannigan! (Have photographic evidence)
Tom Felton! (Have photographic evidence, but I look terrible in it)
Richard Hatch! (No photographic evidence - he just reached over and patted me on the cheek for some reason - sort of condescending but I was also drunk enough to be slightly thrilled)
Someone else! (Have photographic evidence but I don't want to say who yet because I want to surprise someone)

Also, I bought some stuff (including a most excellent hat), and saw some panels (the SGA people are very funny, the BSG people seem to be a bit more professional, though maybe that's just because Mary McDonnell was there. Tom Felton is adorable and kept talking himself into homoerotic corners. "My favorite scene to film was in the bathroom with Harry - oh, that sounds dodgy - with our wands out - oh no it gets worse." And then he mumbled something that ended with 'passionate kiss.'

Anyway, it was all excellent and I got to stand this close to Michael Trucco.
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Have: Debit Card.
Do Not Have: PIN. Thanks.

MAN OH MAN. Okay guys, here's what's up;

Got a job! Start Monday, gotta email my schedule to the lady in charge.

Got a car! Gotta get the tags and title thing sorted out, because the woman I bought it from is... a flake. Also gotta get a parking spot on campus.

Got into the class I need! Awesome.

Got a birthday! Well, on Monday.

Got stress!

So I really want to do the whole medical school thing. I really mean it. BUT, I absolutely do not want to do it right now. Just the thought of it makes me want to barf. So what do I do? Well, Governor Perdue has done this thing that boosts the pay of beginning science teachers in Georgia. I like physics a lot, I wouldn't mind teaching it for five years or so. Definitely not forever: that would completely destroy me. But a few years? Yeah, that sounds great. And some med schools actually cater to people coming from a different profession. So, I think that would be okay.

Problem: despite all the premed classes I've been taking, I am not actually a science major. I am getting a double major in Latin and Classical Culture, both of which are fun, but neither of which I ever intended to actually do anything with ever - the thought of teaching Latin is completely horrible to me. So, I would have to get a third major (or drop one of my majors down to a minor or something) and definitely not graduate in a timely manner. Also, take a ton of science and math classes all at once, which is generally a bad idea. And I have more credits towards a chemistry degree than a physics degree, but Chemistry would also kill me completely dead before I was done, whereas I pretty much enjoy physics.

I don't know what to doooooooooooooo. I haven't even decided anything for sure yet and I'm still freaking out already. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

So I'm going to go do something pleasant now and not think about anything at all.
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Last week I saw someone go down our street on a segway. It was weird.

Yesterday, someone stole my debit card number and spent several hundred of my dollars. :D

Everything is absolutely fucking awesome.

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Hi guys! This is an info dump about what I'll be doing this summer – expect it to be posted in several places and emailed around widely.

I will be studying abroad in Rome, Italy, from May 22 to June 29.

I leave from the Atlanta airport on Continental Airlines # 84 on Thursday, May 21, at 11:45 AM.
I'll arrive at Newark at 2:15 PM, and leave on Continental # 40 at 5:20 PM.
I will arrive at Rome FCO the next day at 7:45 AM.

The group van isn't scheduled to arrive until the last person shows up at the airport, so I'll be hanging around terminal C until 1:00 PM or so. Awesome.

On June 29th I will depart on Continental Airlines # 41 at 9:50 AM, hang out in Newark from 1:35 pm until 5:30 PM, when I will take Continental #1155 to Atlanta. I should arrive at 8:45 PM.

While in Rome, I will be staying in the Hotel Ercoli.

DO NOT MAIL ME ANYTHING IN ITALY. It will take almost a year to arrive, and I am not staying that long.

Do not call, either. It will be ridiculously, ridiculously expensive. I am not kidding. No matter how important it is, it will have to get to me through email or wait until I get home. If it's something really terrible, it might be best not to tell me until I get back.

I will have occasional Internet access, so the best way to communicate with me will be through email. I will only check one email address while I'm there.

Dad, copy that into your address book. Mom, you too.

I will attempt to keep some sort of blog, so that I'm not constantly sending out mass emails every time I get online. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post, but here it is anyway.

Dad, bookmark this. Mom, you too.

The group will be in and around Rome with a few exceptions:
5/28: Tarquinia
6/5-6/7: Campania
6/18: Hadrian's Villa
6/23: Ostia

The itinerary is still tentative, so those dates may change, depending on things like Vesuvius, which I hope will not erupt until I am long out of the country. FYI, an eruption is overdue at this point.

I also have scheduled “weekends” to spend where I see fit, so who knows where I'll be then (I foresee plenty of time spent on the beach).

I can't think of anything else relevant at the moment.

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Trek is pretty goddamn awesome.

and totally better than any star wars film yet made yeah i said it

My issue with The Original Series, though, is that (however much I love the Shatner) every time I watch it I go to a 'Denny Crane' place. That or priceline.

Still, I loved it. Quinto was marvelous. (And that woman he was making out with was weirdly familiar looking.) Whoever it was that was not the Shatner was marvelous. I missed the sitting around tables and discussing things parts, but I guess interesting action sequences are all right.

Aaaand, I installed Maple Story on my net book just to see if I could (I totally can), and even though I haven't played in more than a year, I remembered my login name, password, and pin number! It was pretty sweet. I normally never remember that stuff. But so much stuff is different and the quests are so not what I'm used to that I just decided to start from the beginning again. It'll only take me a couple days to get back up to level twenty again (and I am never playing an archer again jebus that was terrible).

So, fun times.

Except after a couple hours of nonstop playing I fell prey to some sort of error that left me unable to log in, and then when it let me log in, most of my characters had vanished. :\ Hrm.

Some of my texts finally arrived! Which is good, because I need them to study with. Unfortunately one of them is apparently getting shipped to me from the UK (which Abe Books totally failed to tell me before I ordered it - I found out when the shipping confirmation mentioned it was in the Royal Mail :P), so I expect it to show up at my house about two seconds after my plane takes off.
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I sort of forgot how great Cowboy Bebop was. I'm on the episode where Ed appears!

I also forgot how tense it makes me. Even though I know it's only the sixth episode, and Spike survives through twenty six episodes and a movie, I still get super anxious.

Also, I have a great affection for supporting characters in this show. Rocco.

Leaving in six days! My friends had better be prepared for some serious hanging out time before I go. D: