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Here are two lists that I am working on

Things that I really, really like when I'm emotionally unstable:
1. Poetry of all sorts
2. Journaling
3. 80s music (sentimental British altrock esp) (what the fuck, I'm listening to The Smiths)
4. Punk music
5. Exercise
6. Philosophy, including:
6a. Michel Foucault
7. Surrealist paintings
8. Birds
9. Learning a new language

Things that I normally like but really, really don't when I'm emotionally unstable:
1. Television (any sort)
2. SciFi/Fantasy ANYTHING, apparently
3. Any and all video games
4. Metallica
5. Almost all people (though I actually can't tell if the misanthropy is a new development or not)
Tags: feelings, lists
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