dementedelement (dementedelement) wrote,

Graaaaargh. Grrr.

Dear potential employers:

I understand that you are so swamped with applicants that it is impossible for you to grant each one the consideration that they actually deserve, and that very few of the many qualified candidates will ever hear back from you or have an interview at all. But seriously, people. It is common fucking courtesy to at least send out a form letter (It doesn't have to be long! Two sentences is more than enough!) confirming that you received and read my cover letter and resume, and another one (equally short!) to inform me that the position has been filled. Jesus. It's not difficult.

How many people have actually done me this courtesy? Maybe two out of a year and a half of applying, and only one of them was at all timely.

In other news:

I was looking up Shakespeare quotations last night, because my bffkj has decided that she wants some Shakespeare for her 3rd tat. I'm personally rooting for some Hamlet. Anyhow, I went from messing around on my favorite web site (around 9:00 PM) to looking up poetry (because as my emotional state deteriorates, my appreciation for poetry and the craftsmanship of beautiful prose increases exponentially), to looking up that one thing I read that one time that quoted that poem what was it called to reading amazing bullshit until 8 in the morning. So, I slept for a couple hours, and I've noted that my filters are a little less... assiduous? when I'm tired (assiduous is not the word I want; exhaustive? precise? something)*. So I've been writing, and thinking about writing, and writing about thinking about writing.

Unfortunately, my vocabulary (and ability to craft a sentence that doesn't run on) is also weakened in this state, which is a bit frustrating. Lots of the tip-of-the-tongue going on over here.

However, I have great hopes that later I shall throw some feelings into the mix! And then I shall have feelings about feelings, and then I shall be thinking about feelings about feelings, and then maybe I can start writing about thinking about feelings about feelings (and then I can think about that).

*1/03/2012 ETA: efficient would probably be a good descriptor to put here.
Tags: feelings, give me a fucking job already, tattoos, writing
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