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Soliloquizing like you would not believe
4:14 am
oh look i'm doing something again 
18th-Dec-2011 09:02 pm
spn - i like to stare at dean a lot :)
1700 words - almost three pages of punctuationless, poorly developed, rambling, nonstop stream of consciousness outline, and over 3000 words of so-so actually fleshed-out narrative (which I like, and have reread several times already, and have been editing like mad but it has some problems because I don't know how to end sentences and when it's a bad idea to continue them within parentheses). Not a bad day, all told. I hate the last half of the outline somewhat; some of the thoughts in there are good, but it needs to be different, because there's something wrong, so I'll get back to that. There's a scene that I know needs to happen (I have already picked out the soundtrack for it and everything), but how it gets to that point and the context is a problem.

So probably I'll go for a long walk tomorrow so that I can think about that.
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