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Soliloquizing like you would not believe
4:14 am
18th-Dec-2011 12:15 am
trek - starship enterpoop
I feel awesome as hell.

So, it turns out that I'm not one of those people who is super sensitive to needles and cries and moans and barfs and passes out (I guess everyone's nerves are different). Honestly, I really, really, really enjoyed getting my tattoo. It. Was. Awesome. Holy shit. I still feel pretty awesome, but really now. Wow. Though I worked the math out and I payed that guy like $5.02 a minute. Fuckin' worth it.

Also! I successfully socialized today! I met new people! They were all gigantor nerds! I was minimally awkward! I have new facebook friend requests as a result! Towards the end of the evening, my friend's husband turned to her and said 'I like your friend; she's funny.' AWESOME. It is a good day.

Also, I was indeed wise not to let on what exactly I was getting inked in advance, because once mom saw it she was like (not verbatim) 'Didn't Iago say that? You got one of Iago's lines tattooed into your flesh forever?' and somewhat horrified.

Fuck yeah, I now have a permanent, physical connection to Shakespeare.

ETA: shit, should have thought a bit more about getting that done right under the waistband of my underpants. Welp, going commando for a few days.
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