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Soliloquizing like you would not believe
4:14 am
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes. Quite. 
10th-Dec-2011 12:21 pm
spike - will fuck your shit up
For whatever reason every single one of my finals is either on Monday or Tuesday, the last two days of exams. Absolutely nothing is fresh in my head - my last psych class was two entire weeks before the exam. Also, illness made all the things I knew fall out of my head.

On the other hand, it's nicer than the alternative. If I had tests in the middle of my existential crisis last week, I probably would have failed them on goddamn principle.

I wished I cared about any of these classes, but I really don't, and it's hard as hell to sit here and study this crap.

ETA: You know what's exciting? What really gets the old adrenaline going? When your prof tells you the final will ONLY cover the material that was discussed in class AFTER the midterm, and then you sit down for the final and see questions from the first few chapters. I actually threw out the notes from that part of the class. WHOOPS. Still made 100, fuck yeah, technical school makes me feel smart as hell.

Now let's see how well I retain information when I watch an action movie marathon while studying.

ETA2: Not at all well, apparently.
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