dementedelement (dementedelement) wrote,

I guess I just assumed he had good taste. :(

So, a generally reasonable friend talks about a book he really likes, says I have to read it because it's so amazing and awesome and bad ass and so on. He actually goes out and buys me a copy. I go, 'oh, cool, thanks,' and read it a few days later.

It is terrible.

It is so terrible that it actually makes me angry.

It's barely a narrative, and all that's there is poorly developed aggression and crude language. I mean, seriously, it's like the author took out all his pent up rage from puberty and just unleashed it in a juvenile torrent of filth.

I'm... not sure I want to hang out with this friend any more. (If I was going to talk about a book I really liked, by the way, it would probably be Cold Comfort Farm, just so that there's a basis for comparison here.)
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