dementedelement (dementedelement) wrote,

well that was a clusterfuck if ever I experienced one

So, just in case there's any confusion about this: I don't get drunk any more. Period.

This is because I am an asshole when I am drunk, and can be fairly abusive to my friends, as well as being an all-around embarrassment. I am aware of that, I'm also aware that it's dangerous, and I have not had more than two drinks together since February of this year. The exception was for my dad's birthday party in July at the Terrapin Brewery, and I regretted the amount I drank even as it happened.

I'll admit that I'm not a perfect human being, and certainly not a perfect friend. I have admitted as much to my bff KJ, even as recently as this past Saturday.

But I don't do those things any more.
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