dementedelement (dementedelement) wrote,

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to drunk right now

This is the last time I consent to go to a partyw here I'm the onlty one present under the age of 55.

ETA (an hour later): the only thing I have the attention span for is cleaning. This is really effing boring. Wish I was sobe renough to read a book.NEVER AGAIN.

ETA (hours later): being drunk is the most boring thing ever. EVER.

ETA (morning after): fuck off, spammers.

Eight beers in a two-hour period the night before will leave you with a fairly unhappy stomach in the morning. I did, in fact, notice all the drunken typos while I was writing them, and I did backspace to fix most of them, but I decided to leave a few for posterity.
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