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Here are some quotes, not related to anything in particular

"They can die heroically, comically, ironically, slowly, suddenly, disgustingly, charmingly, or from a great height."

"That was a proof by contradiction and arm-waving."

"The Revelation: Ninety percent of everything is crud."

"Okay, a friend would stitch you up, a good friend wouldn't report it, and your best friend would let you bleed out on the floor and get laid at the wake."

"When in doubt, cut up a pig."

"Nobody throws away porn; it's like an heirloom, passed on down the family tree."

“‘Optimist’ spelled backwards is ‘moron’.”

"My blood tastes extra tangy today."

"All right, okay. What do I do with my feet?"
"Just kick. Kick as though you were interviewing a suspect."

"It was an otter. I was ten. It was dead. Someone hit me with it. Can we move on?"

"I repeat myself when under stress. I repeat myself when under stress."

I went for a bike ride when there was a break in the rain today! It was nice, but my main concern around here is riding without getting run over by a car. There's not a lot of bike-friendly places within a couple miles (or in the city period).

Mostly I ride through neighborhoods, so I don't have to worry quite as much about people driving like maniacs. I would go through Green Acres but I know for sure that I would get terribly lost in there, and the closest road has been closed off for construction so I'd have to go miles out my way to get in.
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