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So, if you suddenly switch from a high-fat-high-starch-high-sugar-high-salt sort of eating tendency to a nearly-vegan, nearly-salt-free, nearly-sugar-free, wheat-free, processed-foods free diet, you find yourself looking forward to odd things.

My big treat of the evening? A warm bowl of porridge. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

At the beginning of the week (I started last Monday) I went to sleep at night dreaming about beef, but now I don't even really miss bread any more. Could do with some salt, though.

Bonus: without increasing my amount of daily exercise one bit, I've lost five pounds.

ALSO, what the fuck is up with all these spam comments, lj? Ridiculous.

ALSO, I think I might maybe finally have some ideas about what to do with my future. Perhaps. Updates as events warrant.

ALSO, I have started watching my first Korean Drama! I think I like it because, unlike American soap operas, I can't tell if the acting is really bad or not. The plot is ridiculous and convoluted, and as far as I can tell the love interest is always a redeemed bad dude and not the dude that's been kind and supportive from the very beginning, so I'm already a bit bummed. Nice dude is my favorite character. Bad dude, however, is played by an actor who is also a pop singer, and therefore is definitely going to get the girl despite how obnoxious he is.

ALSO, I need a job again. And I refuse to move out of town to look for one. :\
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