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what I can remember, anyway.

Had an interesting dream last night. I don't normally remember dreams at all; perhaps it was the wine?

I was living in an apartment in a tall building, and it had suddenly become infested with zombies. The first part of the dream involved me rushing through my apartment, filled with horror, pushing the living dead away from me before they could feast on my flesh. Then I ran outside, and wandered around outside a gas station aimlessly, desperately hoping for some sort of solution. The zombies appeared to be limited to the interior of the my apartment; outside there were just douchey frat guys everywhere and they were all dressed for a day at the beach. No help from them at all.

After a little while I felt sort of determined, and I hiked up, past the gas station, up the hill, and back into the building. I found some friends loitering around, one of whom apparently lived in the apartment with me, and recruited them all to help me deal with it.

At second glance, the zombies were all pretty frail and dried-out, like they had been left out in the sun too long. They were exceptionally feeble and easy to avoid and capture. Also, there appeared to have been a major party in the apartment previously; there was shit of unknown origin everywhere, so it turned into a zombie-removal-and-general-housekeeping event. I guess the zombies came from the party too?

Problem: where to dump zombies?
Solution: drop them off the balcony!

Except when I opened the curtains to balcony's sliding door, the little patio was covered in dessicated (and unmoving) corpses. My supposed roommate was disgusted. This was also, apparently, the result of the one truly ballin' party.

So we grabbed the writhing little-stick figures, holding then with their snapping jaws directed away from anyone (like the appropriate way to hold scissors, but with zombies) and tossed them over the edge of the balcony. Sometimes there would be piles of garbage, shaking slightly, and sticking out from under them would be a pair of feebly-kicking, corpse-like legs or one desperately grasping, bony hand. They weren't very heavy piles of garbage, but it apparently doesn't take much.

I woke mid-clean up. It didn't occur to me in the dream, but awake, I worried about what to do if someone got bitten, and wouldn't the zombies thrown out the window bother the general population?
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