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Here is a dream that I had in my last semester of school:

I am interviewing a man in a hospital bed. He is somewhat large and he has a buzz cut. He's pretty generic looking. This man in an expert in plane crashes. I am interviewing him because he has information pertinent to my investigation. My friend, Kiersten, has been abducted.

This man, while he was investigating a crashed plane, saw a pumpkin. This pumpkin is extremely relevant. This pumpkin will help me find Kiersten. He saw the pumpkin, but he could not get close enough to it to examine it in detail. However, since he is an expert in things that explode, he could tell from marks on the pumpkin that it had been launched several hundred feet through the air by TNT.

This is all the man can tell me: I head off in a car and drive to where he saw the pumpkin. The road that I drive on is flat and windy. To the left of the road is a sheer cliff going up. To the right is a flat area, grassy, some trees. Beyond that is a shiny blue ocean.

I stop my car near a crashed airplane. Except it doesn't appear to be damaged in any way, it's simply sitting on the grass. Nearby, there is a giant wrought-iron gate, tall and foreboding, with a spiky fence extending on either side. Directly on the other side of the gate is the pumpkin. I can see it. It's just sitting there, looking like a pumpkin. I could probably touch it if I reached through the bars. There are a bunch of picnickers nearby, and I ask one of them about it, but they don't have the key to the gate. I go home, defeated. I cannot get to the pumpkin, all hopes of finding Kiersten are lost.

Back at the base of operations (the kitchen of someone's house; it's no place that I've ever been before, The owners are an old couple who are present but don't say anything) I relate to Keith that I have hit a dead end and that I can't retrieve his girlfriend. He is furious. He runs out of the Kitchen and into the garage, hops into one of the old peoples' cars, and reverses down the drive way at an unwise speed. An awkward moment passes, and he suddenly returns at the same great speed, parks the car back in the garage, hops into the other car, and drives away again.

There is the feeling of time passing, but I can't remember any of it.

Keith returns to the house, carrying Kiersten in his arms. He has managed to rescue her, but the mystery of what happened remains: who took her, and where did he take her? Somehow he retrieved her without dealing with any of that. He carries Kiersten through the kitchen and down two or three steps into the living room. It is furnished as one might expect, except instead of carpeting there is a thick mass of swamp grasses and cattails growing from the floor. Kiersten is terribly distressed; something that happened to her while she was kidnapped traumatized her so much that she can't stand the sight of cattails. Keith decides to take her back to their house.

The day having been saved, I am back in my own home.

In my bedroom (which looks just like it actually does) a Necromancer appears sort of near my closet. He looks like a fairly normal guy, brown hair, glasses. He insists that I foiled his plans, so he begins to summon a demon to kill me. I kill him with magic before he can finish summoning it ( I can't describe it any better than 'I kill him with magic.' That's just how it was). The demon appears anyway. It declares that it is a justice demon, and because I killed the necromancer it will now kill me.

I dash into my bathroom and slam the door, but it doesn't close all the way. The demon throws bookshelves around in my room. My bathroom is an elevator, so I attempt to escape vertically, but it is malfunctioning. I dash out the other door (it is a jack-and-jill bath with two entrances, btw) and run through the hall, den, and kitchen. The demon does not appear to be in immediate pursuit. In the kitchen, my mother is sitting at the breakfast table. She is drinking coffee and working on a crossword puzzle. As I run past her and out the front door I shout out 'I need more magic!' My mother, without looking up, sips her coffee and mutters back 'You always need more fucking magic.'

My dog is alive and present and he follows me out of the house. I run up to the top of the driveway and pause next to the maple tree, winded. Chef is wandering around the front yard, frolicking and sniffing through the grass, his tail wagging. Looking back at the house, I can see the long, heavy form of the justice demon fall out of my second-story bedroom window with a 'plop.' It is slowly, leisurely pursuing me.

I wake up.
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