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Hello lj, how are you?

Managed to use the words 'located,' 'local,' and 'location' in one sentence.


I made up a mantra for myself! It involves... nine impolite words! But it helps me focus on whatever needs doing, and that's what counts. Actual mantras make me focus on the nature of spirituality, and that just distracts me (though I guess that's the point of the mantra, but I have issues with that stemming from a high school reading of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, which cemented him as the worst author ever in my opinion omg so much hate argh argh argh).

What was I saying...?

Anyway, I am getting stuff done! I'm very proud of myself. Well, kind of proud, because now I'm taking a break and reacquainting myself with my lj. I'm glad it stores all my old icons, even though I no longer have a paid account and can't use them. It didn't make sense to pay while I was taking lj breaks, but now that I am not in school and have brain power to spare, perhaps I can justify the expense of renewing the account. It's only when I don't have a life that I have the time and inclination to blags regularly. Of course, I now no longer have scholarship money coming my way every semester, so I can afford it less. There's a Catch-22 in here somewhere.

I guess I'll go back to doing things now. And when I'm done I'll have more things to do! How exciting.
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