dementedelement (dementedelement) wrote,

So usually when I'm taking a test, the things I remember best are the things that I just glanced at right before the exam. For finals, I go over everything in depth and then read over it right before the test.

I totally meant to do that today, but it meant being up a couple hours before the exam started (8 am), and I overslept by two hours so I didn't get to review, and I got out of the house late, and then I got stuck behind two really slow school buses, and then I got caught in traffic right outside campus, and I had to drive across campus to park and then hitch a bus back down to south campus, so I came into the exam late, and I spent two straight hours panicking, trembling from Adrenaline, and sweating uncontrollably.

Immediately after that I had to sit down and write a paper (which I'm still working on). Finals sucks.
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